Additional Bible Class

Enjoy an additional Bible class centered on practical bible lessons that translate into everyday living.


Learn and practice the skill of using a bow and arrow. Become an expert Archer or Bowman and shoe off your skills!


Broadcast Class is for anyone who would like to be part of the News Cast on film or help with the filming and production of the Bandina News.

Everyday Photography

Access your creative side through taking pictures. Learn the basics of photography using your own camera or phone.  This class costs an additional $10.

Sign Language

Learn a different way of communicating with others. You will learn the basics of sign language.

Crafting Class

A hands-on class time to put together four different crafts. Class size is limited and costs an additional $10.

Intro to Cooking

An introductory course to basic cooking - for 100s of people!  Learn dessert recipes, cooking skills, and prep ideas.  

Team Sports

Enjoy an active class that will play a Godly, competitive game of kickball, softball, soccer, etc.


A way to combine your love for Jesus with your creativity and let the Holy Spirit inspire you. It’s a time with God captured in words, pictures, and illustrations.

Disc Golf

Join one of today's fastest growing sports in a class focused on learning the technique and game of Disc Golf.

Mission Work

If God has placed within you a heart for taking the Gospel to different cultures, whether they are in foreign lands or right in downtown Houston, this is the class for you.

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Halstead/Dowell Session

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