What should I pack?

Camp is even more fun when you have the proper gear. We've created an easy packing list of what to bring (and what not to bring).

How do I get to camp?

Check with your church's Student Minister for specific details about transportation. 

Can I send mail to my camper?

Absolutely! Be sure to mail with enough time. It take 3 days for mail to arrive to camp from home.


Camper's Name

Bandina Christian Youth Camp

Halstead/Dowell Session

320 Bandina Ranch Road

Bandera, TX 78003


Send your camper a note, care package or surprise. Their name will be announced at Mail Call to pick up their item. Please do not send food or candy in their packages. 

What about medications?

We have a certified nurse as part of our camp staff. The nurse is responsible for the health and first aid of all campers and staff. The nurse will keep records and administer medications in complete compliance with state regulation.


All medications should properly be noted on your

camper's registration form. Those medications

should be sent with your camper in a labeled

ziploc bag to be turned into the Nurse upon

arrival at camp.

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